The smart tech insurers aren't sure about


There have been plenty of tie-ups between insurance companies and tech firms in recent times – take, for example, One Call Insurance tapping Roost for home telematics, or Covea’s deal with LeakBot. However, it appears there is one form of smart technology that insurers are yet to commit to due to a looming fear of hacks.
A report in the Financial Times has shed light on the development of smart lock technology. The idea is straightforward enough – someone shows up at your home to carry out some repairs, feed the cat or to deliver an item while you’re away and you let them into the house remotely using a mobile phone. The locks are often monitored with cameras or other sensors making them all the more effective. Already several tech giants are on board with the concept – traditional lockmaker Yale has its own range of smart locks, while Amazon launched Amazon Key in the US and Samsung is also a manufacturer. However, adoption here in the UK is reported to be around three to four years behind that in the US. Read more sur Insurance Business…

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